Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

In an effort to define the conduct required of members of the Snowy Butte Archery Club, each individual is asked to read, understand and agree to the terms described below. It is not the intent of this code to interfere with individual or family decisions. It is our intent to clearly define standards of behavior within the Snowy Butte Archery Club and the possible consequences, so each individual involved can make informed decisions.

Your participation in the Snowy Butte 4-H Archery Club carries the responsibility of representing your club, your family, and Oregon 4-H to the public. You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that reflects well on your family, state, county and club as well as yourself. Your contribution to the program is as important as what you receive from the program.

Adopted: November 1, 2005

The following guidelines are designed to make everyone’s experience at 4-H events satisfying to all attending. This means that all participants, members, volunteers, 4-H Youth Development Program staff, leaders and adults shall adhere to the core values of the Oregon State University 4-H Youth Development Program, respect the individual rights, safety, and property of others. The following dress code was developed to prevent participants from becoming offended or uncomfortable during 4-H events. If you choose to dress inappropriately, you will be asked to change, or be required to leave until dress code is followed. By planning you will save yourself the inconvenience of changing your attire to ensure that you contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.

Please be advised that the following dress code will be enforced for both male and female individuals.


Because of the nature of our sport a high degree of seriousness and awareness will be required of each member on the range. An understanding of the range commands and an immediate response to those commands will be necessary.

Safety is a top priority for our club. We urge all members and their parents or other family members to help us monitor safety. If you see an unsafe condition or activity please notify us immediately. We are open to ideas on the topic as well. Your input is always welcome.


Above all else, the purpose of this club will be to develop in our youth Character, Respect, and Proper Motivation. With these assets anything can be achieved, archery skills included. It is our desire to help families equip their sons and daughters for life. Archery is a great teacher of patience, self-discipline, perseverance, and attention to detail. It is also the perfect family sport and we would encourage all members of the family to get involved.

Parental involvement is key in this area. If there are any offending behaviors observed, please let us know immediately, if possible, so that the situation can be dealt with on the spot in an appropriate manner.


When you join a club, you are entering into an agreement with like-minded people with a common interest. It is a commitment. We ask that members and parents take this commitment very seriously. Many people involved with this Club make large sacrifices and dedicate a good portion of their lives to making the Club a success. We ask the same of our members. Because of the safety issues involved with archery, consistent attendances and dedication is a must.

We hope that the above Code of Conduct gives you a good idea of the motivation behind our Club staff. With parental support and a little bit of time, the Members of the Snowy Butte Archery Club will be ready to meet all of life’s challenges head on. And as a Club, they will experience a refreshing atmosphere that will truly allow them to be themselves at their best. We know life is busy, but an investment in our youth today will greatly benefit our world tomorrow.


Club Members will always be given the opportunity to explain themselves. Offenses are very serious and rules will be enforced.